All too often, businesses are overwhelmed by oversight and compliance regulations that may or may not have an environmental component. We can assist in ensuring that your full compliance with laws and statues allow for a non-hinderance of your success.

Our Expertise

Governmental Advocacy &

Strategic Consulting

Our firm is a registered lobbying firm with the City and County of Los Angeles as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Whether it be a specific issue or planning long term goals for your business, we have the expertise to assist you.

Public Relations, Outreach & Crisis Management

Working to insure your issue or project has the support of various community stakeholders is often critical to an issue or project’s success. Informing these stakeholders with accurate and timely information is crucial especially when “things go wrong”. Our firm knows how to effectively communicate messages that work to your benefit.

Regulatory and Environmental Compliance

Our firm takes great pride in assisting companies and corporations navigate the myriad of challenges when interacting with city, county, state and federal bureaucracies in order to provide common-sense solutions to their issues. Our services include the following areas of expertise:

Land Use Planning, Zoning, Licenses and Permits

Business & Trade Association Formation, Management and Representation

Political Candidate and Ballot Measure Campaign Consulting, Management and Strategy

Virtually all business or projects require some sort of governmental approval to either be built or operate. Our firm specializes in assisting you obtain the necessary approvals, licenses or permits in a timely manner to ensure that your investment is successful.

Many businesses find that in some situations “going at it alone” does not bode well for a successful outcome and that “strength in numbers” provides for a greater possibility of success. Our firm has been very successful in organizing “common purpose/goal” associations to effectively represent an industry’s issues to government entities through a “collective voice”.

Seeking political office is a daunting task. A candidate must have an expert team that knows the key components to ensure victory. Moreover, many issues today are not decided by an elected body, but at the ballot box by the electorate-at-large. Our firm’s success with both candidates and ballot measures is unparalleled in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles County.